Analytics Experts for the Digital Economy

Following a decade of leadership in SAP Business Intelligence, we have rapidly developed our capabilities in Digital Transformation and Cloud Analytics to meet the growing demands of today's market.

We are now offering advisory and consulting services with a core competency in enabling analytics for the digital economy, expertly and effectively leveraging analytics to drive your digital transformation.

Our Analytics Experts will be available to meet with you to discuss the latest innovations in:

green checkmarkSAP S/4HANA Embedded Analytics
Learn about our Embedded Analytics Workshop >>

green checkmarkSAP Analytics Cloud
Learn about our Analytics Cloud offerings >>

green checkmarkSAP SLAN (Lease Administration & meeting IFRS16/ASC842 deadlines)
Learn about our SLAN services >>

green checkmarkSAP HANA
Our customized workshops will help you effectively drive adoption of SAP HANA
              HANA Modeling workshop >>
               HANA Development Framework workshop >>
               BW on HANA Modeling Boot Camp >>
               BW/4HANA Boot Camp >>

green checkmarkSAP Predictive Analytics
Learn about our Analytics Strategy Workshop >>

green checkmarkRapid Analytics Delivery
Learn about the methodology we use to make rapid analytics possible >>


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Where Las Vegas, NV

When Oct 7 - 5, 2018

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Our Latest SAP Educational Offerings

Embedded Analytics Workshop

We'll provide your team with an introduction to SAP S/4HANA Embedded Analytics and its value proposition. Hear about lessons learned from other customers who have adopted embedded analytics and how they did it. Walk through the process of designing, implementing, and maintaining an Embedded Analytics initiative.

Workshop Highlights:

  • Learn about the Embedded Analytics Paradigm - Introduction, Roadmap, Value Proposition and Architecture
  • Hear customer case studies on Transitioning from ERP Reporting to Embedded Analytics
  • View fully pre-built demos:
    • Embedded Analytics Demo
    • Process for Embedding Analytics within FIORI Apps – Examples & End-to-End Demo
  • Learn essential SAP S/4 HANA Embedded Analytics building blocks
  • Get access to Core Data Services (CDS) views – Creation, Management, & Security
  • SAP S//4HANA Embedded Analytics + SAP BW/4HANA Integration
    • Demo of real-time analytics + historical reporting (BW/4HANA)
  • Expert-led design approach for implementing SAP S/4HANA Embedded Analytics

SAP HANA Modeling Workshop

Our analytics leaders will introduce SAP HANA modeling concepts to your team. This will be a basic SAP HANA modeling class to help developers get started on SAP HANA. This will be a boot camp-styled workshop with a structured agenda and utilizing a customer development box. Comerit will develop a scenario and walk through development of that scenario step-by-step. Most of the sessions will be hands-on using a customer development system. Please note that with a large number of attendees, the boot camp will not allow any detailed discussions or discussions on advanced topics. This workshop is intended to get the audience started on SAP HANA development.

Workshop Highlights:

  • Attendees will obtain clear understanding of SAP HANA development framework
  • Understand the modeling options with SAP HANA and how it differs from SAP BW
  • Understand the best practices and guidelines to be followed


SAP HANA Development Framework Workshop

This is an Interactive, 2-day workshop featuring a combination of lectures, brainstorming discussions, and hands-on technical sessions. Comerit will bring industry standards and lessons learned and SAP HANA development experience to give you a unique learning experience. Comerit will facilitate and lead all discussions to ensure your team gets as much out of this workshop as possible.

Workshop Highlights:

  • Learn the optimal approach to leveraging SAP HANA in your development environment to build simplified and scalable solutions
  • Get leading strategies to implement a quality assurance and oversight framework for your SAP HANA Development environment
  • Understand steps needed to get your organization ready for SAP HANA Development environment
  • Learn how to be agile with SAP HANA development


SAP BW on HANA Modeling Boot Camp

Our team will come to your location for this 5-Day Onsite Workshop tailored to your team's objectives and challenges. We will work with your architects, tech leads, and senior developers to provide them with advanced-level training.

Workshop Highlights:

  • Learn the optimal approach to implementing SAP BW on HANA in your development environment to build simplified and scalable solutions
  • Introduce the SAP BW on HANA architecture framework of LSA++ and provide guidelines on how to adapt to your specific scenarios
  • Gain an understanding of SAP HANA specific features as well as optimized existing and new data models or functions of SAP BW
  • Empower Customer’s team members to support BW on HANA redesign efforts
  • Develop a roadmap for redesign of SAP BW 3.x and 7.x data flows
  • Learn how to be agile with SAP BW on HANA development
  • Understand the impact of SAP HANA on modeling of security and authorizations


SAP BW/4HANA Boot Camp

This 3-day onsite workshop provides an interactive format with combination of lectures, brainstorming discussions, and hands-on technical sessions. Comerit will bring industry standards, lessons learned, and SAP HANA development experience, and will facilitate and lead all discussions. This boot camp is intended for application experts and consultants with experience in SAP BW (non-HANA) as well as project team members who are implementing and maintaining SAP BW/4HANA.

Workshop Highlights:

  • Understand the new data models or functions and distinct features of SAP BW/4HANA.
  • Learn new Data Warehousing concepts on BW/4HANA, on native SAP HANA or in mixed scenarios
  • Introducing new user interfaces for working with SAP BW/4HANA
  • Introducing the SAP architecture framework of LSA++ and providing guidelines on how to adapt your existing one
  • Explaining native HANA modeling and how both, HANA information views as well as SAP BW/4HANA objects, can complement each other in so-called "mixed scenarios"
  • Providing an overview on new SAP HANA-related data provisioning methods for SAP BW/4HANA including the new Big Data interface and Real- time Streaming based on Smart Data Integration



Business Analytics Strategy & Roadmap Workshop

The goal of this workshop is to enable organizations to gain meaningful insights into the business in a way that was not possible before, to drive faster and effective response to internal & external events. You'll learn how to unlock the power of your enterprise data , and our analytics experts will help you define your business analytics vision, strategy, and roadmap. This workshop will incorporate design thinking techniques that will help attendees articulate their desires and goals with respect to business analytics, and also helped identify current challenges or gaps with respect to data and analytics.

Workshop Highlights:

  • Develop your unique analytics vision and 3-Year Roadmap for Analytics
  • Identify Business Drivers and define priorities for Analytics
  • Receive expert recommendations on architecture landscape & BI Tools
  • Define process for transition, from business reporting to business analytics
  • Develop a governance Process, delivery model, and organization

Rapid Analytics Delivery Methodology

Fast-track your analytics goals with our 5-5-5 methodology for rapid analytics delivery. Rather than having to wait years or even months to fully implement a digital analytics framework, you're guaranteed to see results in weeks. Implement one high value use case for advanced analytics within 6-7 weeks by leveraging our unique agile 5-5-5 methodology:

  • Start with our 5-5-5 workshop, in which we spend a half day to go over scoping, align on deliverables, develop a project delivery approach, and go over costing. 
  • 5 Days will be used to cover the design and prototyping of your new environment
  • 5 Weeks for our team to complete development and testing
  • 5 Days to complete your go-live and warranty, as well as take care of any training or refinement required. This time will also be used for feedback.



Get Results with Comerit

Each step of our project was monitored in real time, and Comerit provided real-time insight into the underlying processes. Post-migration optimization for various BW artifacts were completed successfully.

Immediate benefits included drastic reductions in Query response times and significantly fast data-load times (process chains).

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