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Solving the analytics roadmap dilemma

SAP S/4HANA comes with powerful analytics capabilities that can help bridge the gap between insights and actions by integrating analytics deeper within business applications and workflows.

Real-time embedded analytics is now a reality with SAP S/4HANA with one user experience for both transactions and analytics, running in a single application and relying on a single source of truth.

while considering options for an SAP S/4HANA implementation, it is critical to rethink analytics processes and develop an new approach for analytics that is aligned with the capabilities of SAP S/4HANA.



Benefits of SAP S/4HANA analytics

Not sure how your organization can move toward S/4HANA Analytics?

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1-day S/4HANA Analytics Roadmap Workshop

Complimentary | Fast | Customizable

Develop a high-level understanding of the opportunities with SAP S/4HANA Analytics and the impact of S/4HANA on your overall analytics and reporting landscape.

What will your team take away from this workshop?

  • Assessment of your current state of analytics & readiness for S/4HANA Analytics
  • High-level analytics and reporting roadmap
  • Unified architecture for operational and strategic analytics
  • Enterprise data warehouse architecture for S/4HANA
  • High-level approach & methodology for implementing S/4HANA Analytics to drive instant, contextualized insights that will, in turn, drive action





4-day S/4HANA Analytics Workshop

In-depth | Comprehensive | Tailor-made

For a more detailed approach to your analytics strategy, we recommend this 4-day workshop. In this deep-dive, you can expect training of your team members, a fully-realized implementation strategy, the latest use cases for S/4HANA, and more.

What will your team take away from this workshop?

  • S/4HANA Analytics strategy & roadmap
  • Orientation & training of employees on S/4HANA Embedded Analytics capabilities and opportunities
  • Decision tree for use cases of SAP S/4HANA Embedded Analytics
  • Approach and methodology for implementing embedded analytics in S/4HANA
  • Design approach for CDS views in S/4HANA
  • Integration architecture for S/4HANA with EDW (SAP HANA, BW/4HANA)
  • Organizational change management plan
    • Training and strategy for internal adoption



4-day Workshop Agenda

While the agenda and deliverables will differ for each organization, this high-level agenda will give you a clear idea of what you and your team can expect during our in-depth S/4HANA workshop.

  1. Embedded Analytics paradigm
    1. Introduction
    2. Roadmap
    3. Value proposition and architecture
  2. Transitioning from ERP Reporting to Embedded Analytics
  3. SAP S/4HANA Embedded Analytics building blocks
  4. Process for embedding analytics within FIORI apps
  5. Core Data Services (CDS) views
    1. Creation
    2. Management & Security
  6. Positioning with EDW, analytics, and big data: Outlining the role of EDW in the S/4HANA world
  7. S/4HANA integration w/ SAP HANA EDW, SAP BW/4HANA, and other EDWs
  8. Impact of S/4HANA on SAP BW warehousing
  9. Design approach for implementing SAP S/4HANA Embedded Analytics
SAP S/4HANA workshop




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Each step of our project was monitored in real time, and Comerit provided real-time insight into the underlying processes. Post-migration optimization for various BW artifacts were completed successfully.

Immediate benefits included drastic reductions in Query response times and significantly fast data-load times (process chains).

Manager, IT Business Intellignece Leading Corporate Apparel Manufacturer

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