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On-Premise Training

On-site Learning

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Our trainers are leading SAP technical experts who have real-world, hands-on experience with SAP projects across several industries. We'll work with you to create a customized training plan tailored specifically to your organization's needs. Your trainees will enjoy an interactive learning experience that combines lecture-based training with hands-on exercises to enhance the learning experience and deliver real results. Our trainers will support your team step-by-step through the training process, and continue to offer support after training is complete.  


Key Deliverables & Benefits:

  • Flexibility: Get your team trained when you want, where you want
  • In-person access to trained & certified SAP professionals
  • Materials and content created & customized specifically for your team
  • Continued support following completion of training



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Cloud-Based Training

Training On-Demand

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Access the most cost-effective power user training that can be tailored to your business. This includes SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio, Analysis for MS Office and OLAP, Web Intelligence, Lumira, Dashboards, and SAP HANA. Each On-Demand session includes multiple training difficulties at the basic, intermediate, and advanced levels. This is different from SAP's technical training for developers, which also provides in-depth information on connectivity, environment setup, and environment management.


Key Deliverables & Benefits:

  • Fixed Price
  • Geared specifically for power users
  • Platform availability is 24/7/365 so your team can learn at their own pace
  • Existing Comerit customers get a cloud-based training trial free of cost!



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Tackle your SAP training needs with professional insight and a full understanding of your options 

Your organization has spent months, maybe even years, planning out a migration, upgrade, or installation strategy to put SAP in place and get it running. Countless hours have been spent in meetings, from the strategy phase all the way through to go-live. This is an exciting time, but the decision you make after implementing SAP is just as important - how are you going to make sure your SAP investment isn't going to waste?

When you invest in an SAP solution, you need your power users to know how to use it. The task of securing professional SAP training for your team can be a daunting one, but one that should be taken just as seriously as obtaining the SAP solution itself. Let us help you navigate the ins and outs of SAP training.

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Training with Comerit

Whether it's on-site or through our cloud-based training portal, Comerit offers the flexibility to train on a wide range of technologies in small or large groups.  Our on-premise training workshops are customizable to company needs and provide lectures and hands-on exercises on live environments. Our cloud-based training is a convenient, fully-automated system that's available 24/7/365.  

Comerit makes it easy to move forward with your SAP training confidently. We make sure that your group is being trained by technical SAP experts, all of whom have years of real-world, hands-on SAP project experience.

Variety of Available Courses

SAP Analytics Cloud

This training gives attendees practical, hands-on experience on the various capabilities of the tool. At the end of the training attendees will get good exposure to the different functionalities of the product including import data from various sources, build data models, create interactive stories leveraging various types of visualizations, leverage predictive and smart data insights capabilities, create interactive dashboards, and publish the stories.


Targeted at developers looking to learn how to develop within an SAP HANA environment. Users will learn how to navigate through the Administration Console, use the Modeler perspective, create tables within HANA Studio and monitor the HANA system. HANA developers will learn from start to end on how to create HANA views and consume those HANA views through reports developed in SAP BOBJ WebI and SAP Analysis for Office.


This is a 3 day on-site training workshop which includes an interactive format with a combination of lectures, brainstorming discussions, and hands-on technical sessions. Comerit will bring industry standards, lessons learned, and SAP HANA development experience. Our partners are Archius will facilitate and lead discussions throughout the workshop. If you are an application expert or consultant with experience in SAP BW (non-HANA), or a project team member implementing and maintaining SAP BW on HANA, this workshop is perfect for you.

SAP Lumira 

Targeted for developers who want to build extensive and customized dashboards for desktop and mobile devices. In this course, developers will learn the layout and basic components as well as scripting, formatting measures, adding multiple data sources,  creating interactive reports, applying custom style and graphics, and much more. This course also has exercises covering the latest version of SAP Lumira Designer.


Targeted at users who are looking to create ad hoc reports, explore business information, and share their information with others. Users will become familiar with the BI 4.X environment and understand its capabilities. Covered topics include using basic and advanced WebI functionalities, building custom variables, setting conditions, merging dimensions, sharing/scheduling documents, and connecting to data through BEx and universe providers. The new features in WebI 4.2 are also covered, such as how to create a geo map element, use the Recycle Bin and the commentary functions, and save a report element.

SAP Analysis for Office

Targeted at users looking to learn the functionality and capabilities for SAP Analysis for Office. Covered topics include creating chart objects, building macros, creating formulas, applying conditional formatting, and applying custom measures and calculations. This course also covers new features in SAP BO Analysis 2.x, such as utilizing Analysis data set in Design Studio and exploring the new Display features.

SAP Tableau

Learn the core functions to create a Tableau dashboard off of SAP BW and SAP HANA data sources. Experience the different functionalities and interfaces between the two data source connectivity. Various visualizations, formatting, and customizations will be covered in this course.


Training Flexibility
  • On-Premise: treat your team to live, in-person training with certified SAP experts
  • On-Cloud: allow your power users to learn on their own time, at their own pace


Customizable Training
  • Your training schedule will be built around your company's needs and interests
  • Training materials for every trainee, customized specifically for your company and individual learning needs
  • Education on SAP implementations, migrations, and upgrades available 


Our Training Methodology

With continued research into new and emerging technologies, our training course list expands regularly. If you are seeking training in a specific area that's not listed here, please 
contact us to discuss options

Learning by Doing
  • We'll Install a sandbox environment for a truly unique hands-on experience
  • You'll have the opportunity to utilize your own Sandbox environment to incorporate your own data

Making Training Personal
  • Designed with every learning need in mind: we'll make sure our training sessions are as effective as possible for your team by allowing the seven main learning styles guide our training strategy. 

SAP training             SAP training             SAP training             SAP training             SAP training             SAP training             SAP training              
              Visual                          Aural                           Verbal                       Physical                       Logical                        Social                          Solitary
   Learning with pictures         Learning with                    Learning with                 Learning with                   Learning with                 Learning with                   Learning with
  & spatial understanding             sound                        speech & writing             hands-on aids               logic & reasoning          partners & groups                 self-study


  • Your team will enjoy an inclusive, interactive training experience, complete with...
    • Group lecturing
    • 1-on-1 aid
    • Encouragement of partner and group work
    • Hands-on practice
    • Q&A sessions
    • Printed materials (which trainees will be free to take with them after training)
    • Visual aids
    • Laptop follow-along practice sessions



» What does SAP training accomplish? 

Getting the most out of your environment requires having properly aligned resources trained in the appropriate technology.  Staying up-to-date allows developers and power users to improve the development process flows to accomplish faster delivery and increase the return of investment. Outsourcing some technical training is good for companies, since it allows for:

  • Cost Savings: not only do power users have the ability to utilize an organization's SAP technology as soon as possible, meaning none of the license is wasted, but being trained by an SAP partner will allow for the most streamlined, efficient modes of training

  • Latest Technologies: As an SAP partner, we make sure to do our due diligence to stay well-versed in the latest technologies SAP has to offer. Having that kind of knowledge on your side ensures that your team will be trained on the latest emerging technologies whenever your organization needs it.

  • Get a Fresh Perspective: As much as an organization may strive to keep their research and knowledge current and relevant in the realm of SAP, some things just fall through the cracks. During SAP training sessions with an SAP partner, it's not uncommon for trainees and other attendees to learn about new and exciting directions their organization's SAP road map could take.
SAP training


» Who does SAP training benefit? 

At the highest level, SAP training will benefit the company investing in the training. The decision to make the leap onto an SAP environment is not an easy one to make; it requires coordination across several levels of a company, not to mention the amount of planning required to get an SAP project up and running. After a full SAP lifecycle effort, making sure employees can actually take advantage of and use the new technology is the logical next step.  

Oftentimes, when an organization chooses not to invest in proper SAP training for their users, it can lead to major downturns in company productivity as well as profit loss. According to a 2015 SAP training survey performed by Michael Management, one Fortune Top 50 client whose users were not properly trained created bad SAP system configurations, forcing the company to have to restate earnings twice, which led to its stock price being cut by 50%.


» How is SAP training traditionally acquired? 

With the lack of reputable training options to choose from, many companies will decide to go directly through SAP to obtain the proper training for their employees. This is both expensive and inconvenient because SAP training is offered only certain dates and locations, forcing companies to coordinate the schedules of any number of employees needed to attend the training. While there are some US-based companies which offer SAP training as part of their services, many of these companies have never been recognized as SAP partners. Companies are thus put into a tricky position: pay more for training directly through SAP, or save money and obtain training through a less-than-reputable SAP consulting firm. 


» What are the typical expectations from SAP training? 

Because much of SAP training has traditionally been lecture-heavy, industry-wide expectations regarding SAP training have been low. It's typical (and expected) for trainees to endure tedious, classroom-style lectures from trainers who not only are not technical experts in the module being taught, but also strictly teach straight out of a book or manual. This creates a major issue for the trainees and the company they work for: many attendees return from SAP training without having fully learned the material or reaching the goals put forth in the training SOW.   


» What are the most beneficial training methodologies?

The past several decades have seen classroom education embrace the notion of individualized learning styles. While this breakthrough in education is mainly applied to school-aged children and young adults, obviously its applications can be very beneficial to utilize in professional training courses as well. Each training team is going to be unique, but we recommend presenting material in a way that will meet the learning needs of a diverse group of learners. These learning styles can be seen outlined below.

Because each person's learning needs are different, we believe training that is not solely lecture-based is the best approach to ensure that all trainees are processing information in the most efficient and effective way possible. A variety of classroom- and cloud-based approaches can (and should!) be taken:

  • Online (computer-based) training with interactive exercises & practice opportunities
  • Classroom-based group lecturing
  • Classroom-based group practice
  • 1-on-1 mentoring & practice
  • Live, interactive practice & follow-along


Getting world-class SAP analytics training for your team has never been easier. 

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